When the words "fascist organizations" are mentioned in our time, most people first think of the German neo-Nazis. But there are in actuality many more such organizations. There are several active groups in the United States which are given more "theoretical" weight than the German neo-Nazis. These groups generally go by the slogan of "White Supremacy." And, most important of all, theirs is not a "hatred of foreigners" resulting from economic difficulties, but is put forward rather as a philosophical and scientific doctrine.


From left to right. Symbols and slogans of American racist and fascist organizations.

Racist and fascist organizations are spreading rapidly in the United States. The Ku Klux Klan (above and below right) which hates Blacks, the Aryan Nation, and the American Nazi Party, are active fascistic groups. Below left. The American neo-Nazi Gary Lauck with a book supporting the German neo-Nazis. Below middle. Richard Butler, the founder of The Aryan Nation, with members of his fascist organization (right).

Various fascist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, the American Nazi Party, the Aryan Nation movement, and the National Alliance all come under the umbrella of "White Supremacy." The aim of these groups, who disseminate extensive propaganda over the Internet, is to defend racism as a doctrine and worldview, and to facilitate its spread.

The basis of such a doctrine is clearly set out in the manifesto of one of these groups, the National Alliance. The truly interesting thing is that this manifesto is a corroboration of what we have investigated throughout this book, that fascism is fundamentally a pagan and Darwinist ideology.

The fascist National Alliance stresses the difference between themselves and "Semitic beliefs" (Islam, Christianity and Judaism), and states that they believe only in nature, that they are evolutionists, whereas "Semitic beliefs" are based on faith in Allah:

We see ourselves as integral with a unitary world around us, which evolves according to natural law. In the simplest words: There is only one reality, which we call Nature... We are a part of Nature and subject to Nature's laws. Within the scope of these laws we are able to determine our own destiny... In other words, we ourselves are responsible for everything over which we have the power of choice: in particular, for the state of our environment and for the destiny of our race. This view may be contrasted with the Semitic view... They believe that it is not necessary for men to concern themselves with the future, beyond planning for their own needs, because their god has everything under control. 1

Religion is clearly opposed to fascism. The latter considers man to be "a product of nature," whereas religion teaches that man was created by Allah, and that Allah determines his destiny.

In the fascist National Alliance manifesto, the evolutionist logic behind its racist ideology is described in the following terms:

Our world is hierarchical. Each of us is a member of the Aryan (or European) race, which, like the other races, developed its special characteristics over many thousands of years during which natural selection not only adapted it to its environment but also advanced it along its evolutionary path. Those races which evolved in the more demanding environment of the North, where surviving a winter required planning and self-discipline, advanced more rapidly in the development of the higher mental faculties... 2

In other words, it is claimed that the Aryan race is superior to others because it has "evolved further." The National Alliance goes even further, claiming that racism is a "duty to nature," and bases this assertion on an appeal to Nietzsche's philosophy:

First, we have an obligation to the Nature of which we are a part to participate as effectively as we can in its eternal quest for higher levels of development, higher forms of life. This obligation has been recognized and expressed by our poets and philosophers throughout our history. Friedrich Nietzsche told us that our first responsibility is to help prepare the world for the coming of a higher type of man. Nature has refined and honed the special qualities embodied in the Aryan race so we would be better able to fulfill the mission allotted to us. Even though Nature also has developed other forms of life, including other races of man, we have a special obligation to our own race: to ensure its survival, to safeguard its unique characteristics, to improve its quality. 3

The National Alliance, based in the United States, produces books and magazines in Swedish, French, German, Portuguese and Russian, and is rapidly spreading its Darwinist, pagan ideology. The cover of the organization's fascist National Vanguard magazine is decorated with statues of ancient Greek gods. Its articles frequently quote from the works of Darwin, and presents, based on Darwin's evolutionary national selection mechanism, such claims as, "a race eternally at war with the rest of the world has a distinct survival advantage over those races with an attitude of live and let live." 4

One can find similar statements, and Darwinist opinions, as well as propaganda defending the errant culture of paganism against the divine religions, in the publications and web sites of other fascist organizations.

Fascistic racism, whose birth coincided with the re-awakening of paganism and the theory of evolution in the 19th century, continues to grow in the 21st century, based on these same fundamental delusions.

Those who disbelieve filled their hearts with fanatical rage-the fanatical rage of the Time of Ignorance-and Allah sent down serenity to His Messenger and to the believers, and obliged them to respect the formula of heedfulness which they had most right to and were most entitled to. Allah has knowledge of all things.
(Koran, 48:26)

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